We're not just writers... 

                                                                                                            ...we are The JohnDoe Family

How did it all begin?

There's a reason why the French say "Cherchez la femme" - look behind everything, and you'll find a woman, and our story also begins with one. She'd just been listening to a friend's story about her hardships in trying to publish her first book. No publishing house worth mentioning would take or read her manuscript, no less publish it.

The woman in question was curious, and asked her friend to lend her the manuscript for the weekend so she could read it.

And guess what happened.

She was thrilled!

She suggested that her friend self-publish the book and told her she'd help with the finances. She reached out to editors, graphic designers and printers...

And, low and behold - it worked! The book didn't become a bestseller, but it was successful in its own right and her friend continued to boldly publish under a pseudonym.

But this is far from being the end of the story.

This woman realized that there were certainly more neglected talents around the world who just didn't know the right people in the right places or didn't have sponsors to get them through the rough beginnings. So she decided it was time to do something about that...!

She asked some of her friends abroad to hand out fliers at writers' workshops and organized a small online test.

Assigning various genres and styles, quick synopsis creation, writing the first chapter on a given motif, creating unique subject matter and much more. This is how she filtered out the true writers, who went on to start fulfilling their dreams.

These people aren't out to produce unintelligible, artsy work - they're simply writing the books that they themselves would like to read.

The idea of being unknown soldiers - "John Does", if you will - has impassioned them. Their real names remain hidden from the world, as they all agree that writers shouldn't be writing in the desire for worldwide fame, but for their worldwide readers.

And that's our story!


Yours, JohnDoe                          


Why the JohnDoe Family?

Because we are a family of unknown soldiers. But fortunately for us, no one dies on our battlefield - we only fight for what we believe in.

Why can't you see our faces?

Because it's not important who we are, but what we create. Biases and unfulfilled expectations have no place here. This place is only for books.

Why are we different?

Because no one tells us how to work. There are no publishing-house policies, sponsors or politics as such. Our books are ours and ours only - and no one is trying to change them to fit their own ideals.

Who we are is not important - it's our stories that are.

We are who you want us to be...