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...there are at least a few things we can tell you about our writers... 

Chris Spirit

"If there are no dogs in heaven, I'd rather not go - but I'd follow them wherever."

Chris is the child of a Scottish mother and an Irish father, but lives in England - quite the fatal combination. 😊 Since childhood, Chris has loved the world of fantasy and doesn't plan to change things now. Chris is also a painter and, as you've already learned, loves dogs and is the proud owner of two.

Genre: fantasy for young people, fairy tales

Patty Brown

"What doesn't kill you ... will only try to kill you again."

Patty is an American woman who draws from real life experiences while writing her stories. She's a loving grandmother, but paradoxically it's when she's babysitting her grandchildren that she most often comes up with the deadly plots of her books. 😊 She's also been to every corner of her native land.

Genre: thrillers, detective novels and short stories

Jana Nováková 

"Don't ever say that something is impossible - if you do, some unwitting fool will always come along and show you you're wrong."

Jana is a young Czech author with a humorous outlook on life. That's why she's chosen to work in the comedy genre and, in her words, her husband is her greatest inspiration. 😊

She loves the sea, and she's at her happiest luxuriating on the beaches of Spain. But even there, she gets up early just so she can write.

Genre: humor and satire

(Only in Czech! )

Richard Jones

"The worst limits are the ones you create in your own mind."

Richard is originally from Poland, but he's been living in the United States since he was a child. He likes martial arts and action, which is quite evident in his sci-fi stories. He's also not afraid to delve into horror or "spooky stories". 😊 Judging by his muscular six-foot physique, you probably wouldn't guess that he's been a vegetarian for several years now thanks to his love for animals. He owns a dog, a cat, and one rabbit.

Genre: sci-fi, horror

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