We're not just writers...

                                                                                            ...we are The JohnDoe Family

How did it all begin?

There's a reason why the French say "Cherchez la femme" - look behind everything, and you'll find a woman, and our story also begins with one. She'd just been listening to a friend's story about her hardships in trying to publish her first book. No publishing house worth mentioning would take or read her manuscript, no less publish it.

The woman in question was curious, and asked her friend to lend her the manuscript for the weekend so she could read it. Can you guess what happened...? She was thrilled! She suggested that her friend self-publish the book and told her she'd help with the finances. She reached out to editors, graphic designers and printers... And, low and behold - it worked! The book didn't become a bestseller, but it was successful in its own right and her friend continued to boldly publish under a pseudonym.

But this is far from being the end of the story...

This woman realized that there were certainly more neglected talents around the world who just don't know the right people in the right places or don't have sponsors to get them past their rough start. She decided it was time to do something about that...! She asked some of her friends abroad to hand out fliers at writers' workshops and organized a small online test.

Assigning various genres and styles, quick synopsis creation, writing the first chapter on a given motif, creating unique subject matter and much more... This is how she filtered out the true writers, who went on to start fulfilling their dreams. These people aren't out to produce unintelligible, artsy work - they're simply writing the books that they themselves would like to read.

The idea of being unknown soldiers - "John Does", if you will - has impassioned them. Their real names remain hidden from the world, as they all agree that writers shouldn't be writing in the desire for worldwide fame, but for their worldwide readers.

And that's our story!

Who we are is not important - it's our stories that are.

We are who you want us to be...



Why the JohnDoe Family?

Because we are a family of unknown soldiers. But fortunately for us, no one dies on our battlefield - we only fight for what we believe in.

Why can't you see our faces?

Because it's not important who we are, but what we create. Biases and unfulfilled expectations have no place here. This place is only for books.

Why are we different?

Because no one tells us how to work. There are no publishing-house policies, sponsors or politics as such. Our books are ours and ours only - and no one is trying to change them to fit their own ideals.

Chris Spirit

"If there are no dogs in heaven, I'd rather not go - but I'd follow them wherever."

Chris is the child of a Scottish mother and an Irish father, but lives in England - quite the fatal combination. 😊 Since childhood, Chris has loved the world of fantasy and doesn't plan to change things now. Chris is also a painter and, as you've already learned, loves dogs and is the proud owner of two.

Genre: fantasy for young people, fairy tales

A gripping fantasy novel for young people, which is full thrills and music!

Elliot Woods, a thirteen-year-old boy from the town of Wisterfield won't be coming home today. Together with his classmates, he's found himself stuck at school, which has been transformed beyond all recognition and taken over by a mysterious red-haired woman and her entourage. No one believes they could start casting magic spells - what kind of nonsense is that? It's the 21st century, isn't it...?!

The red-haired lady, however, can do amazing things, and they don't look like tricks. Elliot disobeys her and leaves the gates of the school to see for himself that the town of Wisterfield as he knows it is long gone and that its citizens - including his parents - need help!

Fortunately, he won't be alone - he finds several true friends among his classmates and also his first love. But, the path to victory is a long one and Elliot must discover who the real enemies are... Is it the mysterious commander of the Army of the Dead? The paintings that whisper to Elliot and help him along his journey? Or could it be the red-haired lady herself?

Get your headphones ready and come visit the town of Wisterfield. You'll see that the exciting battles will be even more exciting with music!

Patty Brown

"What doesn't kill you ... will only try to kill you again."

Patty is an American woman who draws from real life experiences while writing her stories. She's a loving grandmother, but paradoxically it's when she's babysitting her grandchildren that she most often comes up with the deadly plots of her books. 😊 She's also been to every corner of her native land.

Genre: thrillers, detective novels and short stories

This could easily have happened to you!

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth Adams moves into a house to live closer to her son. This loving mother but hated mother-in-law begins a new life - one where she's in full control!

But strange things soon begin to take place around her... and slowly but surely her life turns into a detective story.

Peter fears that his mother's recent trauma has returned and she's once again fallen into her addiction to sedatives after a long battle to kick the habit. But Elizabeth trusts her own common sense and believes that her troubles are due to a mysterious hatred on the part of her strange neighbors, the cause of which she plans to reveal.

But the game ends as blood is drawn and the young police officer Detective Hart takes the case.

Is there really an insidious plot against her? Is someone trying to drive this widow to madness, or perhaps even kill her?

Then why is there blood on her hands too...?!

Jana Nováková

"Don't ever say that something is impossible - if you do, some unwitting fool will always come along and show you you're wrong."

Jana is a young Czech author with a humorous outlook on life. That's why she's chosen to work in the comedy genre and, in her words, her husband is her greatest inspiration. 😊

She loves the sea, and she's at her happiest luxuriating on the beaches of Spain. But even there, she gets up early just so she can write.

Genre: humor and satire

(Only in Czech! )

Konečně pohádka pro velký kluky a holky!

Takže, kdo se chce zasmát (i možná uronit nějakou tu slzu), ale pořád má rád pohádky a je mu víc jak 18 let, ať už tuhle knihu neodkládá! No a jestli je vám míň, tak pšššt − my to nikomu neřekneme...

Zato vám povíme, jak to dopadne, když budete přes rok zlobit!

Syn bohatého papá Matěj, nafrněná módní redaktorka Aneta, zahořklý dědek Neruda a věčně naprdnutý Alex z děcáku letos pokoušeli Ježíškovy nervy až moc dlouho, a tak jeho špehové tuhle povedenou čtveřici unášejí z ulic předvánoční Prahy do pohádkové vesnice s dost prapodivnými obyvateli.

Jako princezna a králové se tam ale naši hrdinové rozhodně mít nebudou − to by je totiž průvodci, kteří mají za úkol jejich nápravu, nakopali pěkně do prdele...

Ano, slyšíte správně − tato kniha je totiž jen pro silné povahy. Takže si prolistujte pár stránek, ať víte, do čeho jdete... protože peníze nevracíme − jsme přece v Česku, ne?!

P. S. Santa tam fakt nebude, vždyť:

"Ježíšek je nej, Santu nečekej,
když komínem se dědek vkrádá,
škrtni sirkou
žár hned sálá,
Ježíšek je nej, Santu nakopej."

Richard Jones

"The worst limits are the ones you create in your own mind."

Richard is originally from Poland, but he's been living in the United States since he was a child. He likes martial arts and action, which is quite evident in his sci-fi stories. He's also not afraid to delve into horror or "spooky stories". 😊 Judging by his muscular six-foot physique, you probably wouldn't guess that he's been a vegetarian for several years now thanks to his love for animals. He owns a dog, a cat, and one rabbit.

Genre: sci-fi, horror


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